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Last edited by Doug Stevenson May 17, 2017 Signing in using SSO and PingOne
1. Contact Central Desktop and request access to the SSO feature.
2. Go to PingOne and setup a trial. // https://www.pingidentity.com/en/products/pingone/plans.html
3. Sign into PingOne and navigate through 'Applications -> My Applications -> Add Application -> Search Application Catalog'.
4. Search for "Central Desktop" and then select it.
5. Continue to next step.
6. Change the place holder values in ACS URL ( https://YOUR_DOMAIN.imeetcentral.com/saml2-assertion.php ) and Entity ID ( https://YOUR_DOMAIN.imeetcentral.com/saml2-metadata.php ) to your iMeet Central Domain. Continue to next step.
7. For "Identity Bridge Attribute or Literal Value" use "Email".
8. Add a logo, Name, and Description to your company.
9. Save and publish.
10. Remain on the "Review Setup" as we'll use the information here for the following steps.

// Prepare to change your focus to iMeet Central. 

11. In  iMeet Central: navigate through 'Company Setup -> Advanced -> Single Sign On'.
12. For "SSO URL (aka SAML Issuer / ID URL / etc)" use the "Issuer" value from the PingOne Review Setup page.
13. For "SSO Login URL" you'll have to construct a URL that begins with "https://sso.connect.pingidentity.com/sso/idp/SSO.saml2?idpid=". Next, look at the PingOne Review Setup page for the field "Initiate Single Sign-On (SSO) URL". Examine the field's value and copy the part of the URL after "idpid". Paste that to the end of the URL previously mentioned. The end results should look something like the following:

14. Select Finish at the bottom of the PingOne page.
15. Select Update at the bottom of the iMeet Central Company Setup page.

Congrats! You've successfully setup SSO with iMeet Central and PingOne! To test this: go to your login page and select "Login as Employee". Upon selecting this you'll be asked for your PingOne login information.