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Central Desktop API


The Central Desktop API is available to Workgroup, Community and Enterprise Plan Subscribers Only.


How to access the API:

  • Log in to your Central Desktop Company account as an administrator
  • Go to Company Setup -> Click on API
  • Generate your API Key using the button provided
  • You should now have your API credentials (API Key and Company GUID)
  • Download your Organization Specific WSDL by clicking the link.



API Methods:


Version 2.0


WSDL File: Version 2.0 creates a custom WSDL just for your company.




Sample Code


General notes and code comments are in the sample code to help you along. 


If you need support or if you do not see methods for calls you wish to make please email us at support [at] centraldesktop.com. We will do our best to add methods on an as needed basis.